Who is Pro Traveller for?
Of course, Pro Traveller
is for everyone, although
our aim is to focus on family
travel for those who seek a
more rewarding trip. So you
will find we respectfully side-
step the 2 weeks in Benidorm
in favour of the more cultural,
historical, active, & generally
fulfilling holidays. We’re not
afraid of looking at something
new or different, although we
still have an eye for a bargain!
Emma Plaskett has
a relaxing time in
the delightful French
countryside of the
Limousin region.
Katy Dartford takes
a sideways look at
the idyllic island of
Cayman Brac.
Since our main focus is on
family travel, we think it’s
only fair to hear from the
younger travellers as well.
KUDOSMEDIA - Travel Media Services. MORE. So check out the views of 
junior reporter, Polina, as
she shares her thoughts on
destinations she’s visited.
*  Grand Hotel Rimini
Top quality articles are of paramount
importance to us, so our contributors
are carefully chosen.        .

Top writer and broadcaster, Trevor
Claringbold, spent 15 years with the BBC,
and has visited more than 50 countries.   .

Our adventure specialist, Katy Dartford
also has extensive broadcast and travel
experience.            .

Russian born, UK based, photo- journalist,
Natalia Kolesnikova, brings her knowledge
of the arts and culture.                         .

We hope you enjoy theirs and all of our
Trevor Claringbold
visits the Adriatic
pearl that’s finally
making a comeback
Culinary Castles’ by Trevor
Claringbold was awarded
‘Best Online Travel Article’
at the recent Italian State
Tourist Board Travel Writer
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